Two Mustangs at the Miller-Ranch

It has been a while since we had a Mustang for training. The Miller-Ranch is known for its friendly method to accustom young horses with the saddle. It does not matter whether Fox Trotter or Mustang, a horse is a horse, and the start is the same for all horses. Two Mustangs, captured in Nevada, are now for training at the Miller-Ranch for three months. In many aspects a Mustang is even easier to train than a horse, which has been brought up in a family's backyard. Very often such horses are spoiled and used to get every wish fulfilled by the family.
A Mustang is raised in a different world. He grew up in a herd and has learned to assimilate and to subordinate. The senses are very much developed and trained for surviving. This includes that a Mustang has a strong sense for fleeing, the faster a horse, living in the wilderness, can flee the greater his chance of survival.
It needs a long time experience to win the confidence of a Mustang. Here at the Miller-Ranch this is no problem. Both newcomers, we call them Rocky and Nud, two geldings at the age of 3 years, are separated, each one in a large paddock.

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