EMFTHA Youth-Clinic at the Miller-Ranch Arizona

7 young girls at the age of 8 to 16 (Charleen von Kolpinski 8 – Sandra Weimann 12 – Steffi Weimann 15 – Jaqueline Zachert 16 – Julia Schaefer 11 – Stephanie Rudd 16 – Anna-Lena Arnold). From Arizona came the 12-year-old Hudd Gutierrez as the only boy to this Seminar. Emely 12 from Arkansas, Steffi Eikhorn 14, Kasey Dallas 12 and Alix Gutierrez 10 from Arizona strengthened the US-Team.Bianca Kuesters and Gerry Geldner from Germany accompanied the Youth Team from Europe.During that week there was a lot of activity at the Miller-Ranch.
The horses did not only attract all young participants, they discovered their special affection with the Missouri Fox Trotter.
Since four years it is the EMFTHA’s goal to improve the Youth’s knowledge about the Missouri Fox Trotter. Starting with only a few young members, the today’s share in the EMFTHA rose to 20% members under the age of 18. It was the 2nd Seminar of its kind at the Miller-Ranch in Arizona and it was rumored around the Arizona Youth. With 12 participants we surpassed the limit of 10 and others had to be put off.
We are planning another Seminar for the Youth organized by the EMFTHA at the Miller-Ranch in Scottsdale in 2007.
7 young Fox Trotter, all just 2 years old, as well as 2 Quarter foals were available to learn the horse’s language; the youngster could learn also how to prepare for riding a young, green Fox Trotter without any danger. We also had four restarts, those are horses, which started to be prepared for riding a year ago, but as it is the norm at the Miller-Ranch, they have a year off until they turn in 3 years.
Between young people and young horses there is only the body language to understand each other; this is natural horsemanship, developed by Tom Dorance from California and carried around the world by many of his followers. Also our young participants had to learn this method and soon it showed results.

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