Lost Dutchman Goldmine Trail with Foxtrotters

Gold has always attracted people and looking for this yellow metal the Spanish came also to Arizona. Like California, Colorado and Alaska also Arizona was hit by the gold rush some 150 years ago. Yes, there was gold in Arizona and even today there are still some mines here; but mostly they mine copper today. The City of Globe with its huge copper mine is located close to the Superstition Mountains.

There are many stories about the gold in Arizona. The most famous is the story around the old Jacob Walz and his Lost Dutchman Goldmine in the Superstition Mountains. Walz was a German emigrant and belonged to the team of Don Minguel Peralta, who - according to the story - found a very rich gold mine in 1845 in the Superstition. The Apache Indians killed Don Minguel Peralta and also all other members of his team. Jacob Walz, the only survivor, was paying all his bills in pure gold until the end of his life. In 1891 he took his secret into his grave and since then many have tried to find his gold mine, but without success. We did not even try to find it and also did not come across by coincidence.

Our first camp was at the Reavis Ranch. Elisha Reavis settled within the Superstition and started a cattle ranch there, he also had a huge apple farm; and around his person there are also many stories.

It is said, that when attacked by the Apache, he drove them away, naked, armed just with a big club. The Indians took him for being mad; and they believe killing a mad man will prevent them from getting into heaven. Therefore Reavis remained unharmed and survived..

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