In the past we had 5 judges, now at the Spring Show 2005 it was returned to a 3 judges panel, with a fourth judge for rotation.
In the past the judges were placed in the middle of the oval, now they have an elevated judges stand, located outside the arena..

Judging stand
The procedure did not change. Very seldom the judges are showing same ratings; differences and deflections are – as in the past – the order of the day.
There was one peculiarity: in the 3- Year Open Class all three judges rating was unanimous from the 1st to the 6th place..

Being outside the arena, it became more difficult for the judges to read the entry number of the participants on the opposite side of the arena and much time was lost.
As usual, many ratings by the judges were criticized; this is part of the game. For the judges it is not easy to judge a class with more than 15 horses, if there are more than 20 entries, it becomes almost impossible; especially when there are several top horses close to be judged.
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