Velvet's Family in Europe

Owned by Miller-Ranch these two horses, "GMC Black Velvet" and “Velvet’s Grand Slam”, are living in Europe. Both horses enjoy their large pastures and the fresh grass.
Do they still have a memory from Arizona? Unfortunately horses cannot talk, or some say fortunately.
“Velvet’s Grand Slam” almost would be living with the Havasupai Indians in the Grand Canyon. They wanted to barter him against 7 Mustangs.
Now he is staying at the Wunderlich Stable in Genshagen near Berlin together with his sire “GMC Black Velvet”. “GMC Black Velvet” has won everything possible in Europe, his last performance was the European Championship in 2004 ,when he became once again Champion of the Champions. He is passing on to his offspring much of his beauty, his character and his charisma.
His youngest offspring “Velvet’s Jasmine”, coming over “Mona Lisa”,became Amateur German Champion Weanling 2005. The judge gave her a 9.5 score, a dream note, but well earned. Even a spectator, not familiar with breed, could see that this is an exceptional horse. This filly certainly has a great future. She is showing all talents and abilities, which distinguish Missouri Fox Trotters. She will be a future champion.
She is a sister of “Velvet’s Leonard”, who has already proven that he too belongs to the Velvet family. Already his offspring is a champion; “Leonard’s Perfection” placed 2nd with a dream note of 9,1.
“GMC Black Velvet” now has time to enjoy his life after the shows.

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