Gaited Clinic with Max Phillips at Miller-Ranch

A Fox Trot owner should know what a Fox Trot is and how it feels in the saddle. But how can the rider feel whenever the gait is changing just a little into a Running Walk, that means lateral?
Also Rack, Single-foot or Toelt, as the Single-foot is called in Europe, are gaits known by many Fox Trotter or they have a tendency to it. Even though this gait is comfortable to ride it is not a breeding goal for Fox Trotter.
This gait is missing the wanted rhythm, which is the special experience during riding a Fox Trotter.
Max showed to the participants how it feels in the saddle to ride a clean Fox Trot or when it transfers into a Running Walk or Rack.
For a leisure rider in most cases it is important to sit on his horse soft and comfortable. But each owner of a Missouri Fox Trotter should know which gait he is riding. The participants of this seminar came a step closer to this goal.

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