Winter visitors at the Miller- Ranch

W hich of the Miller Ranch’s attraction capture the visitors attention the most, is it he warm sun, the blue sky, the marvelous and diversified scenery or the beautiful Fox Trotting Horses?
Vicki and Meir came all the way from Israel. They had already spent three weeks in Missouri, where they rode a trail on Fox Trotters and looked at horses at various local breeders.
But they were really impressed by the Fox Trotters seen at Miller-Ranch. There is no better compliment for the Miller-Ranch than the statement: “the best Missouri Fox Trotters we rode was not in Missouri but here in Arizona at the Miller-Ranch.” Certainly what impressed were not only the horses with their unusual surefootness and trail experience but also the scenery. When Meir had the chance to ride the “World Grand Champion M”, he said with a broad smile on his face: “that is not a horse but fun pure.” They own the only Fox Trotter in Israel but soon a few more will be added.
Andrea took a break from the cold weather in Hamburg, Germany, into the warm sun. She was especially interested to learn more about the training methods used for the Fox Trotters at the Miller-Ranch. It was foxtrotting pure for one week.
To understand the start with “the first step in the roundpen,” she started with a fully trained horse to understand the method and to fell safe with this training system.
Unfortunately there was no 2-years old horse to start from the first step until the first time under saddle.
All our 2- years old had been started during the youth seminar and “the first step” was already accomplished. Therefore Andrea started with two of the 2005 foals, a colt and a filly. Everybody, who learns for the first time this method, also Andrea, has this “Aha” experience.
Even for me, who is practissing this training method for many years, it is always a wonder again to see the young horses changing, the kind of trust they start to built up and how safe they feel in the presence of the trainer.
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