Westworld All Gaited Horseshow 10.12.2005, Scottsdale Arizona

Even though competition for the Fox Trotter in Arizona is not especially strong , any Show is good for practicing for horse and rider.
Also the spectators can see here what creates a good Fox Trotter. Although there are around 1000 Fox Trotters in Arizona, there are just a few outstanding and few who have the quality to be presented in a Show.
For the time being world class Fox Trotters in Arizona can only be found at the Miller-Ranch.
The two World Grand Champions “Velvet’s Aladin M.R.” and “Arizona’s Outlaw M.R.” are the only World Champions in Arizona. Also the breeding mares of the Miller-Ranch such as “Legend’s Little Princess” or “ Grey Boy´sAmber” belong to the best of the world. The others such as “Pancho’s Playboy” – “Eliminator’s Go Girl” – “Velvet’s Charisma M.R.” and even more are all trail horses of excellence and have won the “Blue Ribbons”. They all are the best promotion for this breed.

During the Holiday Season it is always a very friendly atmosphere at this Show, which takes place annually during this time of the year.
For the first time during a show in the US the Brazilian breed Mangalaga Marchadors was presented for the first time.

A camera team from Japan has traveled to the partner city Phoenix to make a movie about the activities here.
The camera did not stop taking pictures of “Velvet’s Aladin”, the World Grand Champion 2003. He will be the first Missouri Fox Trotter published in a Japanese magazine.

“Pancho’s Playboy” – “Velvet’s Charisma” – “Velvet’s Aladin” and “Eliminator’s Go Girl” were dominating this pre-christmas event at the Westworld Arena in Scottsdale, Arizona.
“Velvet’s Aladin” was shown twice and placed first twice in Model Open Senior and Western Pleasure 4+ Open Classes.
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