The Miller-Ranch hosted the AFTA – Arizona Missouri Fox Trotter Association; they had invited to a seminar with Pat Aubuchon from Missouri.
In only two days Pat managed to give the participants a better feeling and understanding for the wanted gaits such as the Fox Trot and Flat Foot Walk; also to be able to differ between mutations. Not only taught he the feeling for the gaits in the saddle but he trained also the eyes of the participants to recognize and judge the correct gait.
A Fox Trot not always is a good Fox Trot.
How far can the horse pass with the hind leg over the forehand? Two or also three hands are the goal with the modern Fox Trotter.
How far may the forehand reach out? It should stride from the shoulder but without knee action.
Is the horse during the forward movement using the shoulder or only the forehand and the legs?
The rhythm and the head shake should move with the hind leg as a counter balance.
What distinguishes the Tennessee Walker in the movement from the Fox Trotter?
The two days were full of theory and practice.
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