“It is spring time, the foals are coming”

“It is spring time, the foals are coming”
 by Lothar Rowe

 Even though the greater part of Arizona belongs to a territory with no typical four seasons, natur has its rhythm also here.
Although foals are also born in fall and winter time, the majority of the foals arrive during springtime. March and April are the two months, when most foals are born. The breeders here arrange, that no foals are born during the hot months between June and August.
That is why we at the Miller-Ranch expect most foals during March and April. In some years, we give a break to the mares and What Black Tatoo can do, Chilly Pepper can too we have fall and winter foals between October and February.
 In 2012 Legend Outlaw´s Chilly Pepper M.R. was born on March 21 and Velvet´s Black Tattoo M.R. was born on April 4.

 These are two top foals as everybody familiar with the Fox Trotter breed can see from the photos. But the road is very long from a foal to become a horse and very often thorny.

As with any other living creature many things can happen. We at the Miller-Ranch are very proud about both foals. Again this year, we could keep or even improve the high standard in breeding reached so far.
We are especially happy about the fantastic result we achieved with Velvet’s Black Tattoo M.R., after taking a great risk with line breeding. It is common knowledge, that with line breeding the result is either top or flop.

 We were lucky – that also belongs to a successful breeding. Velvet´s Charisma M.R.. –Sundust’s Misty Zee W.Chase´s Bodacious BonnieFrank’s Sukey they all will have their foals during this month. Legend’s Little Princess expects its foal in June. These are the most exiting weeks of the year. Legend Outlaw´s Bonanza M.R., now owned by Theresa Friedrichsberg in Austria, will have its foal from “Cardinal’s Gunslinger A” during this month too.
Good luck to Theresa and Bonanza.

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