First day's first weeks in 2913

The first 2 months of 2013 went on like the year 2012 has ended. Lisa, the new trainee, came to visit us from Germany, and she will stay until end of March.

 She wants to learn more about the Missouri Fox Trotter and their training. She graduated from High School and upon return to Germany she intends to make an application into the Police Force. At present she enjoys her time-out with her hobby “horses” at the Miller-Ranch.

 It took only a few days to infect her with the virus Fox Trotter. She already started to ride a young horse and because she is a talent, we have her on schedule for a video with one of the horses she is working with to show the results of her training.

Manuela from Switzerland, already knew the Miller-Ranch and she came to enjoy our warmer temperatures instead of the snow at home, but first of all to pursue the training of horses, which is her favorite activity. During her previous visit to the Miller-Ranch in 2011 as a trainee, she learned all about the Fox Trotter and she loved them.
In 2011 we made two videos with her and the horses she was working with; the one with Agains Gunsmoke and the other with Commander-In-Chief M . Both horses have found happy owners in Europe.
Manuela arrived beginning of January, but unfortunately had to return to Switzerland already mid February. But this short period was sufficient to complete Arizona Outlaw´s Kokopelli M.R. training, so that he has reached the Miller-Ranch standard as a trail horse.
The video “Kokopelli” with Manuela Perret shows it.

The third trainee was Aurelia Reisser also from Switzerland, who came just for 3 weeks.
She has a Fox Trotter at home and the Miller-Ranch will see her and her mother again in May to join us at the Monument Valley Trail. Well,
3 weeks is a rather short time, to learn riding and training young horses. But after all, she started a young horse Velvet´s Cashmere M.R. with our “First Step” method; already the second day she could join with her an experienced group riding into open country.
On one hand this surely speaks for the horse and for the system, developed at the Miller-Ranch, called “The First Step”; on the other hand, it speaks for the talent of the young lady to work according to it.

Beginning on January 10th we suffered some cold days, two days even below freezing point. Then it started to warm up and daytime temperatures rose to 72 F. In Colorado they indeed had lots of snow and ice and Judy, the new owner of Velvet´s Papagena M.R. , had to postpone her visit to us by one week, until she could pick-up her dream horse from the Miller-Ranch.

Finally on January 18th she could “embrace” her Papagena at the Miller-Ranch. Until then, Judy did know her horse only from the video, it is her first MFT. That is why on January 19th she received her first briefing into the kind of riding a gaited horse, which is somehow different from what she was used riding her Arabian.
On January 20th we could ride into the open country on the very popular day trail to Seven Springs. On January 21th Judy succeeded Judy mit ihrer Velvet’s Papagena – Seven Springs already to ride flawless gaits with Papagena and both became a team.
Judy fell already in love with Papagena when she had seen the video, but now in reality, the mare could show all her charm and win the heart of her new owner.

We from the Miller-Ranch are very excited about Judy and the mare, who found a new and wonderful home with large pastures in Colorado. Judy loves horses, just have a look at her website http://www.judynordquist.com/
We will see how soon she will start working on a Fox Trotter sculpture.

Now the training of our 3- year old has started. From all young horses, starting the follow-up training, we are making precautionary X-rays to see whether the growth of the joints is largely completed and the articular capsule is closed.

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