by Lothar Rowe

These are feelings, which are always present in life and our constant companions. We experience these emotions in rotation, whether in person, with friends, in business or with animals.
March started with the sad news about the death of  Zane´s Traveling Man. He passed away the first week of March at the Miller-Ranch in Missouri. He was 30 years old.  Probably no other horse has affected the horse training at the Miller-Ranch as much as Zane. He was our second MFT, joining the Miller-Ranch after DeeDe, who is still enjoying her retirement at the Miller-Ranch in Missouri. Zane was very sensitive and highly intelligent. He must have had very bad experiences in his life, because – as we learned much later – he killed a previous owner.
Bob Richardson, Lothar Rowe’s mentor, saved him from the slaughter house and brought him to the Miller-Ranch. Zane tolerated only one rider and taught us how to ride a horse just mentally.
By this, he laid the corner stone for the training methods, practiced today at the Miller-Ranch. He showed us how important mental communication between rider and horse is and which opportunities arise from this. No Guru from the world of horses ever brought such influence and perception for the training and the handling of horses to the Miller-Ranch as Zane did.

Zane was a Fox Trotter of the early days. In his pedigree there were some unknown horses. But, he was not considered an “Old-timer”.  Hot blooded as he was, this is not a desirable breeding characteristic in the Fox Trotter breed. He did not foxtrot, but he was a very fast single footer. This also was one of his problems, and after 13 years he started to show back problems and at the age of 14, he was unable to carry a rider anymore. The last 16 years he spent as a retiree on a pasture at our place in Missouri until the day in March arrived, when he lay down and simply fell into his eternal sleep. The Miller-Ranch owes him a lot. He wrote his own chapter in the history book of the Miller-Ranch. Those who knew him, will always remember  him.

Another sad moment was when Chase´s Bodacious Bonnie lost her foal from Legend’s Outlaw M.R.. He was born 3 months early, but that is life, grief and joy are close to each other.

Enjoyment came with the training of Leonard´s Cuba Libre M.R. a son from Bodacious and Velvet’s Leonard. Here a dream of a young stallion grows up. Even more enjoyment will come, if this young stallion will prove his value in the breed by passing on his talents. For now it is hope, depending on his future development.

Special pleasure came with our trainee, Lisa Unger. In the past we have had a number of talented trainees at the Miller-Ranch, whom you can see in Miller-Ranch videos with various horses.
Lisa is one of the best. Rarely a trainee has absorbed and implemented so quickly the lessons like Lisa. She absorbed the training method, which was completely new to her, like a sponge. What she learned in 3 months at the Miller-Ranch she is showing with Arizona Outlaw´s Kachina M.R.

The shooting of the video with Lisa and Arizona Outlaw´s Kachina M.R.. was much fun and if you look at the video you certainly will be impressed by the last shot, where Lisa is showing a clean high stepping trot in the water. Everyone, who is familiar with the bedrock of the Verde River can even more appreciate her performance.

Arizona´s Outlaw M.R. really can be proud of his offspring.
  Arizona Outlaw´s Kachina M.R...,
Arizona Outlaw´s Chanel No. 5 M.R
Arizona Outlaw´s Kokopelli M.R.
all his offspring can be watched in videos.
Here no further comments are necessary, you can see for yourself the performance of this family.

Arizona Outlaw´s Margarita M.R.

already proved her achievements in Ava and she will show more in 2014.
Arizona Outlaw’s Fancy StarM.R. and
Arizona Outlaw´s Cochise M.R.
, both living in Germany, have been successful in versatility classes. Dancing Jazz is in Israel.

 From Arizona and his offspring we shall see much more in the future.

Let us hope in the future, Joy and Pleasure will surpass Grief and Sorrow and that our breeding and training will continue to show further outstanding results.

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