Gold diggers from Israel

Gold diggers from Israel

Our April guests, coming from Israel to the Miller-Ranch, certainly
did not only look for gold in Arizona. The Missouri Fox Trotter is winning more
and more friends also in Israel; and therefore more and more guests from Israel
are finding their way into Arizona to the Miller-Ranch. For a start the Fox
Trotter from the Miller-Ranch, some certainly valued like gold, are the real
attraction, but also the unbeatable, natural beauty of Arizona. Arizona, the
Grand Canyon State, is not only known by the Grand Canyon and the Monument
Valley. Very few other States in the US can offer such unheard-of natural
beauty. The Miller-Ranch, located in North Scottsdale, is situated in the
Sonoran Desert, which is a green, blooming desert with the Saguaro Cactus not
being found in other parts of the world. The Sonoran Desert stretches from
Arizona to Mexico and it is one of the largest, versatile and species-rich deserts
of the world. Especially now in spring the desert blooms and shows her most
beautiful picture.

Getting to know a Fox Trotter in his element, the Miller-Ranch
offers a unique opportunity to ride one of their exquisite horses out of their
own breeding. Not riding, we dance in Fox Trot and let us get intoxicated by the
beauty of the nature.

century the great gold rush started in
the Southwest of the US. Even today one can find closed gold mines in the
mountains. In this area, occasionally still some gold is found and also our
gold diggers from Israel found some small nuggets, which they took home as a
souvenir to their visit to the Miller-Ranch.

With Moshe, Kobis, Oti and Erez we had good riders, they have Fox
Trotters, Tennessee Walkers and AQHs at home. On their departure day, 3 other
Israelis arrived, Amir, Aria from Israel and Shari, who lives in Scottsdale. They
also went with us on a day trail the next day.

It is not difficult to become impressed by a Fox Trotter from the
Miller-Ranch. Also the steaks for dinner at the Miller-Ranch will be remembered
by our guests.

April is winding down and preparations for the trail ride into the
Monument Valley are under way; from May 10 – 20 new guests from Switzerland and
the US will join us on this unique trail.

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