The Special Dance, on Special Trails in the Monument Valley

It is always a very special adventure. We from the Miller-Ranch have been riding in the Monument Valley for the first time in 1997 and then it was only for one day. Our Navajo guide,
Nesswood, was riding his Mustang and was amazed about our horses. Soon it became obvious, that his Mustang could not keep up with the speed of our Fox Trotter.
Nesswood’s uncle Black had a Dude Ranch in those days and was guiding tourists with his horses through the Monument Valley; that happened in a very leisurely pace. But we did bring our own horses; Nesswood had prepared himself for a ride as usual. But what he did with tourists in one day we absorbed in a few hours.

When we announced a three day trail the following year Nesswood had bought himself already a Fox Trotter.

In the following years we not only explored together with Nesswood the Monument Valley on horseback, but we were allowed as the only few white people, to ride in the land of the Navajo and we spent many weeks there. We talked to the people living there, looking for possible trails in the Painted Desert, the area around the St. Juan River, the Mystery Valley, the Paiute Farm and the Painted Mountains.

Sometimes grandfather remembered a trail or somebody had heart about another trail. Even today Burros – the wild donkeys – are living in the Painted Mountain; and also there we follow their trails.

Since more than 15 years the Miller-Ranch is riding twice a year – in spring and fall – with trail guests in this pristine country. From all trails we selected the most beautiful and assembled a unique tour, unequaled and unforgettable to all our participants.

Not always we had the perfect weather like this year in May. During the past years we also experienced heavy storms, but this time the weather was perfect and we did not have to use our spare tents.

What was special this time? It was a ladies group. In previous years the majority of our participants were men.
What was the difference? Hardly any, only that we started punctually each morning at the planned time and instead of eggs out of the pan for breakfast we eat more cereal with milk and joghurt.
On some stretches Hanna and Lucie started to sing obviously to calm themselves. The horses stayed on the trail calm and serene as usual and took the riders securely back to the camp.

 The ride with the Fox Trotter from the Miller-Ranch again brought an unforgettable adventure to this lady group from Switzerland, England and Germany.

For the trail in fall 2013 men will be again in majority, three are from the EMFTHA from Germany, one couple from the USA – 1 place is still open.

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