Winter in Arizona

In January and February it is supposed to rain, but this year it hold off. Temperatures raised to 30 C and it remained dry. Finally on March 1st  came the long desired rain, for which the Desert plants have longed for so long.
We at the Miller-Ranch were also able to fill our tanks with rain water, which we use for irrigation of the arena and the round pen.
With rain or without life continues at the ranch as usual.

Tabea Kinnemann from Berlin had been already at the Miller-Ranch several times. For the first time she came in 2005 and stayed for 6 months as a trainee at Miller-Ranch. She wanted to get to know more about the Missouri Foxtrotter. At the end we could shoot a video with her and “Millenium”
In May 2013 she participated in our Monument Valley trail.
In June she was with Julie Moore for advanced training and at the same time she passed her MFT judge license for the Missouri Fox Trotter in Ava at the Futurity.
December 2013 – January 2014 she again visited the Miller-Ranch to learn how to train a Fox Trotter with the Show-Canter.
Besides of the Canter she improved her knowledge in the natural horsemanship and therefore it was not difficult for her to finalize the training of
Legend Outlaw’s Blackberry M.R.” with a video.

”Legend Outlaw’s Blackberry M.R.” is now owned by Rose Carter from New Mexico. Rose fall in love with Blackberry on first sight.
The final kick was a ride through the beautiful country side of the Sonoran Desert, coping with steep and narrow paths, which Blackberry mastered with a smiling face, sure footed and comfortable.

Unfortunately Tabea had already left for Berlin and therefore was she could not witness which pleasure she had created for Rose, working Blackberry.
Now at this time we have 2 MFT for sale, finished with a video, according to the Miller-Ranch Standard
 “Velvet’s Santiago M.R.”  ..... and
Arizona Outlaw’s Kachina M.R." .....
For the smaller budget “Winchester’s Buckshot” is for sale at the Miller-Ranch ...
 He is a very reliable trail horse. From July 2009 – January 2014 he was owned by Morley J. Smith in Arizona. Morley and Buckshot have covered many miles together. Buckshot was also on several hunting tours with Morley. Since December 2013 Morley knows, that he is not allowed  to ride anymore due to health issues. Whoever is looking for a reliable horse for hunting or riding in the mountains of Arizona or other States has found his partner with Buckshot.
Guests at the Miller-Ranch in January
Tennessee Walker Clinic .......

This is a commentary from Holly Bowman Goldstein about this Clinic with Bucky Sparks.
Thanks to Elizabeth Lynn Tompkins, Bucky Sparks and Nancy Sparks for two amazing days at Miller Ranch this weekend. Lynn...thanks for organizing the clinic! I can tell how hard you worked to make it flow for everyone. Bucky, you presented lots of new material since I last participated in one of your clinics. I did not want it to end! I felt we just scratched the surface of what we could do if able to spend more time! Hoping to see more of you both in Arizona, and thanks for sharing your passion with the world!”

Bucky has been a guest at the Miller-Ranch with his Clinics several times. This time he also had a participant with a Fox Trotter.
Bucky represents the philosophy of Fosh (friends of sound horse), which gets more and more supporter at the TWH and also has an inflow from Fox Trotter over the past years. The fosh horse of the year 2013 indidentally is a Missouri Fox Trotter “The Kansas Kowboy D” owned by John Brandreth in Georgia.
Foal Time
We should have had five foals, three in October and two this coming April. Unfortunately “Misty Z” has absorbed and “Frank’s Suekey” had a premature delivery. Our Vet assumes that the sudden change in weather in February could have been the reason for this incident. Frank’s Suekey already has made friends with Arizona’s Outlaw M.R.; they are together in one pasture and we hope for a mare foal such as “Arisona Outlaw’s Country Lady M.R.”; which  is in quarantine at this time and soon will travel to Europe.
Chase’s Bodacious Bonnie is already in the stall; she is expecting her foal in April. We hope for another “Bonanza” like the one now with Theresa Friedrichsberg in Austria.
Havasupai trail in April 2014
The month of March is passing quickly. At the Ranch the last preparations are made for the Havasupai Trail. Our last trail to the Havasupais in Supai, which is located in a side arm of the Grand Canyon, was back in 2009. For the past two years Supai was closed, all inhabitants were evacuated because of heavy floods. Now all is back to normal and we wish to shoot a new video from this trail. The last video from this trail is from 2006; you can watch it at www.miller-ranch.com  under “trails”.
This unique landscape of Supai is famous worldwide, especially because of the waterfalls. Supai is one of the last two spots in the US were mail is delivered by mules.  

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