Der Nachwuchs von den Zuchthengste der Miller-Ranch dominieren in Europa


The Finals of the European High Point Championship 2017 was organized by the Clay Pit Stable in Bavaria. The Velvet family, most successful since the year 2000, placed also this year on top, with 3 horses taking the first 3 places.

 1. Velvet´s Moontracker with Karl Schilling placed again as European High Point Champion, for the 3rd time in a row. His full sister, “Velvet´s Cheyenne” could beat him with 4 European Championships in the past.

Their dam, Sierra Mist, the most successful mare today in Europe, arrived in 2000 from Miller-Ranch, bred to GMC Black Velvet.
Velvet´s Moontracker and Karl Schilling placed also 1st in 2- Gait and 3-Gait Perfomance and in Western Pleasure.
He placed 2nd in Model Class, as a gentleman he left the 1st place to beautiful Arizona Outlaw´s Chanel No 5 M.R.

 2. Legend Outlaw´s Maximus M.R. with Julia Schäfer, placed 2nd as European High Point Champion Reserve 2017.
 There was no chance to beat Julia Schäfer and Legend Outlaw´s Maximus M.R. in Versatility Classes Trail and Horsemanship.

3. Arizona Outlaw´s Chanel No 5 M.R. placed 3rd. She placed 1st in the Model Class against Stallions and Geldings with 17 entries.

The winner´s sires are all bred by Miller-Ranch, besides GMC Black Velvet, unbeatable his whole life in any model class he was participating in the US and in Europe. He passed away last December.
There is his last offspring, a filly, born in March in CA.

We still have an embryo from him and Legend´s Little Princess on stock in Scottsdale, if we are lucky, we shall get another “Nabucco”.

There is on stock also frozen semen from Legend´s Outlaw M.R. in Germany on an EU Semen Storage Facility.
We plan to ship this year in addition frozen semen from Arizona´s Outlaw M.R. to Germany.
You can watch several videos from the High Point Championship 2017 on www.miller-ranch.com .

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Finally the Good News:
The European Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Association (EMFTHA e.V.) is by final resolution of the EU the recognized Breed Association for the Missouri Fox Trotter in Europe.
The quality of the Breed will be increased by controlled breeding according to the Standard of the Breed of the MFTHBA.
With few exceptions, until now there was no targeted breed selection and therefore no remarkable offspring from European Stallions did show on Tournaments and/or Championships.
 All horse enthusiasts will appreciate, that breeding the Missouri Foxtrotter is now a controlled breeding of sound and healthy Foxtrotters.
All Foxtrotters, used for breeding, have to undergo a Breeding Suitability Test to eliminate breeding with horses with any genetic defects.
In close co-operation with the MFTHBA, the EMFTHA will watch over the Standard of the Breed and the goal is to create a safe quality feature to buy a Missouri Fox Trotter from a controlled breeding, proven by a special Equiden Passport for the horse.
There will be special Breed Shows under the umbrella of the Breed Manager of the EMFTHA , with 2 recognized breed judges, one of them always from the MFTHBA. The first step in the right direction is accomplished.

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