For you and your horse “Teamwork”


For you and your horse “Teamwork” Horsemanship has become a common word, but not everyone understands it to be the same. What Tom Raney understands by it; he will demonstrate in March 2020 in his Clinic for you and your horse “Language-Leadership-Liberty” at Miller-Ranch. Understanding, being understood and leadership is the key for the team of human and horse. This is his philosophy “No Noise—No Nonsense” is an approach to natural horsemanship that ultimately builds trust, confidence and respect. It is built around the analogy of tuning-in to a certain frequency when listening music on the radio. If all you hear is a bunch of static noise, it motivates you to continue searching until that noise goes away and the music you desire comes through clearly. In the same way, we want our horses to tune-in to certain “frequencies” (the specific behaviors we are asking forThe best way to learn more about his work, watch the video here. No force, no food. Do you also want to put the communication and cooperation with your horse on this level? Here you have the chance. Tom Raney is giving a clinic at Miller-Ranch march 28th and 29th, 2020. 6 active participants can bring one horse with them. The price is $ 300,00/person/horse (the registration date + receipt of payment applies). The price for guests without horses (max 25 ) is $ 50,00/person. If you want to be part of it, register immediately, because the active number of participants is limited. To register for this event email: office@miller-ranch.com

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