05/15/2020 - 05/25/2020

Trail with Miller-Ranch Foxtrotters in the Monument Valley and Back Country 2020

There is no other place on earth, compared to the Grand Canyon State in Arizona. It is not because of the incredible scenery itself, the steep mountains, fast running rivers, grassland, dunes and cactus forests. It is not because of the history, dating back many thousands years.
It is because of the vivid mixture of inhabitants, descending from various cultures and different traditions.

We are riding for one week with our foxtrotters through the Land of the Navajos. We set our camps in the National Park of the Monument Valley and on the private ground of a Navajo family, close to the Painted Mountains. By Joseph Muench, Hollywood discovered the Monument Valley:

“Nowhere else in the world has nature done a comparable job. Words alone cannot describe the 1000 foot high pyramids and castles, the slim towers, the bridges and arches, the rock formations that dominate the landscape of the Monument Valley.”

The Monument Valley is a part of the Navajo Reservation, covering more than 25,000 sq/ miles, which is the size of West Virginia. 250 000 Navajos are living here, which is about 10% of the population of West Virginia.

Here you find all over traces of the old Indian tribes: the Hohokam, who lived in the south of Arizona, the Sinagua, who lived more in Central Arizona and the Anasazis, who lived in the North.

You will be picked-up during arrival day from the airport in Phoenix and you will live in the comfortable guest house at the Miller-Ranch. At the Miller-Ranch you will find a good selection of well trained Fox Trotters. According to your skills you will find the horse, which suits you well. You will be thrilled by the easy and comfortable way of riding a Missouri Fox Trotter
You will notice very soon why the Miller-Ranch is different from all other ranches, offering trail rides. We perform the trail rides as a promotion for the Breed.

The trails are not arranged for yield profits for the ranch, but as a promotional event for the Breed and the successful Breeding of the Miller-Ranch. During our expedition through the Monument Valley, you will see Indian ruins, covered with wall paintings, many thousand years old. Sometimes our Indian guides are telling old stories about their ancestors, when we are sitting in the evening around the camp fire. We are riding to Hunts Mesa.
You will never forget the view over the Monument Valley, also called “ Marlboro Country” in the Advertising World today, seeing the “Totem Pole” or “Stagecoach”, which remind us of numerous Western movies with John Wayne and Richard Widmark. Our rides are quite demanding for the horses and the riders, because we ride in all gaits.
We are riding off road from the usual tourist traffic and for days you will see just the members of the group, the unforgettable scenery or some Indian shepherds, the only humans living here. Let our guests speak about this adventure:

“This was the best ride what I have done in my life” or “ To do this trail, was the best decision of my life”.

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Monument Valley

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