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The Parry Family at the Miller-Ranch

To end this year we still had a small Show in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Carousel-Show on Dec 12, 04. For John Parry from the Miller Ranch it was his first Missouri Fox Trotter Show. With “Pancho’s Playboy” he had three entries and won three Blue Ribbons. In all three classes, the 2-Gait Performance,...

Clinic with Max Phillips at the Miller-Ranch

It was already Max Phillips’ fourth Coaching Seminar at the Miller Ranch. From previous experiences we restricted the participants to 10 riders with their horses. From Chicago we had two visitors, who could collect some good information about the breed. Within the program we showed Foxtrot, Walk...

The digital era has reached the Havasupai Indians in the Grand Canyon

Tilousi from the Havasupai tribe told us:” One has to be familiar with the Internet to become qualified for a good paying job, that is the only way to leave poverty behind. We used to send our children into the world without education; this has changed drastically four years ago.”...

Coaching Clinic with Max Phillips at the Miller-Ranch Dec. 3,4,5, 2004

It is always surprising what a coaching seminar with Max Phillips can do to the rider and the horses. The clinic at Miller Ranch in March and November 2003 with Max was a great success. There were 15 riders with their fox trotters and some guests just watching. Not everyone was especially...

Ava Missouri Foxtrotter Celebration 2004

It were not the Ribbons nor the World Grand Championship what gave this Competition a special meaning; it was a happening aside of this big Show revealing an old American tradition that one sticks together in times of need. Vance Vahle, a young Trainer, has had a horse accident in August and could...

Wild West in Berlin

A bank robbery in a little town of Missouri, a shoot-out on the main street, it all happened when Jesse James and his gang came to Berlin....

European Championship 2004

European Championship of the Missouri Fox Trotter 2004 in Rieden-Kreuth, Bavaria, Germany....

Velvet's MoMo is the New European MFT Endurance Champion 2004

The 2004 5th European Distance Championship for Missouri Foxtrotter was held in Marloffstein near Erlangen in Franken during a distance ride arranged by the VDD. The distance to cover was 25 miles. It was a ride through beautiful countryside but it was also a demanding trail with steep grades. It...

The Never Ending Story

The border between Utah and Arizona is running right through the center of the Monument Valley, the 8th wonder of the world. 1958 the Navajos founded a nature reserve and in 1960 this was officially changed into a National Park. The border of both States does not affect the Navajos, which is the...

One shot and 200 Indians are falling from their horses.

That happened in 1939 during the shooting of a Western Picture with John Ford in the Monument Valley. The translator misunderstood because only one Indian was supposed to fall of....

Verde River Trail 2004

It became almost a tradition in springtime to do a trail through the Verde River Wilderness. ...

6 horses will have left the Miller Ranch by the end of this month

6 horses will have left the Miller Ranch by the end of this month. ‘Velvet’s Othello M.R.’ and ‘Velvet’s Sweet Sue’ are leaving for California. ‘DJ Jetty’ old Merry is sold to Virginia, ‘Prince Spartacus’ travels to Minnesota. ‘Impressive’s Bajazzo’ M.R. has already arrived in Washington and...

Coaching with Max Phillips

Therefore we give a special “Thanks” to Max Phillips and his wife Gerry who have made a big contribution here in Arizona to make a Foxtrot look better. Sometimes it was only a little hint from Max to show the rider what his Foxtrot can do. In this seminar we had some very qualified riders with good...

"Aladin's Aida M.R."

Aladin’s “Aida M.R.” was born at the Miller-Ranch at 22:17 h on Feb 21, 2004. This is the first and only foal at the Miller-Ranch for 2004 since some of the brood mares have been on trails in 2003 and we wanted to give them a break. For “Impressive’s Butterfly” it was her first foal. She gave birth...

One American in Berlin

Actually they were two Americans, Mitzi and Vance Vahle are two friends of the Missouri Foxtrot from Bolivar, Missouri, who had followed an invitation from us to Berlin. Beside the Fox Trot horses from Berlin “GMC Black Velvet”, “Velvet’s Grand Slam”, “Velvet’s Leonard” and “Lobo’s Blue Lad”...
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