Horses on Consignment

Missouri Foxtrotter
10 years
0 hands
85262 Scottsdale

Interested in a Miller-Ranch Fox Trotter?

Miller Ranch foxtrotters have a microship and the breeding stock, mares and stallions, are DNA-typed.

As a buyer you get a complete record of the horse including the history of training, trails, vaccinations, worming, shoeing, medical and dental treatments.

As a buyer , Miller Ranch will pay you the first year´s fee to become a member of the MFTHBA and any fee, required by the MFTHBA for transfer or registration.
*Miller Ranch foxtrotters are well trained – look at the training records, hours and type of training. Training is an investment either you pay for it in the purchase of a horse or you have to add it, after you have bought a horse.

Good horses cost money, great horses cost more – the annual cost of owning a horse may be about the same – also for a bad horse. After some years the purchase price will be insignificant but the joy and the enthusiasm having a great horse will be for ever with you.