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Miller-Ranch has the finest selection of Missouri Fox Trotters for beginners and experienced riders.

Trail Before Buy

This unique concept: Trail before Buy offers to ride different horses in the round pen, in the arena and on the trail: until you know: “This is my Missouri Fox Trotter, this is the perfect horse for me“.

Shipping within the US and to Europe

It is easy to ship your Missouri Fox Trotter to any place in the US.

Miller-Ranch takes also extra care of you and your horse, shipping it to Europe. We offer a very spacious quarantine pasture, close to the surroundings they are used, the horses can spend peacefully the four weeks of quarantine before their long journey.

The company we are working with is “Pegasus Horse Transportation” (

They will ship your horse in a roomy container, allowing your horse to arrive at his new home stress-free, safe and sound.

By the Ranchmanagement under you get:
a file  about your horse: including “History” and “Schedule” - about  Training, Trails, Vaccination, Worming, Shoeing, Angles and the kind of Shoes, along with any Medical Treatment. With your personal username and a password you can follow up and go on at once, documenting everything about your Missouri Fox Trotter.


  1. You have to appraise your horsemanship skills: experienced, intermediate, or beginner?
  2. You have to know what you want: a trail/leisure horse, an endurance horse, a horse for shows/tournaments, a horse for breeding or a combination of these.
  3. You have to do an extensive research: contact approved breeders with approved offspring and adequate success in shows or the discipline in which you are interested.
  4. No matter what kind of Fox Trotter you are looking for, it is important to ride very good or even excellent horses, before making any decision in order to get the unique feeling, that comes with riding a good Fox Trotter.
  5. If you have a horse you are interested in, ask for it to be shown in a freestyle riding, at the Flat Foot Walk, Fox Trot and Lope. It is always an advantage to have a video, which allows you to examine the horse later in privacy of your home, before making a decision.
  6. Before purchasing a Fox Trotter ,it should be Understood, that the registration papers from the MFTHBA will be provided as well as all information concerning veterinary care history, dental care history, saddle fit, and description of horseshoeing care including hoof angles. Naturally the seller should be willing to provide documentation of vaccination, worming and dental care.
  7. Ask the breeder whether his brood mare and/or stallion have an EU-registration-certificate from the EMFTHA and whether his breeding horses have finalized a positive Breeding Suitability Test (ZTU). It is desirable ,to have at least one of the parents , registered in the EMFTHA Studbook , Class I, II or III, especially when considering a high quality and high priced Fox Trotter.
  8. When you intend to import a Fox Trotter from the USA, ask for a confirmation that this horse was not shown as a 2-year at a show or tournament. Ask for a  Breed Suitability Test or at least for a  pre-purchase appraisal.
PDF Formular

European Stud Book of the Missouri Foxtrotter (Rules)


Do you know the difference, between Miller Ranch Fox Trotters and the World Grand Champion  Fox Trotter 2009 und 2010?

Das macht den Unterschied der Miller-Ranch Pferde aus find out why

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