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Miller Ranch champions - Miller Ranch breeding

For the Miller Ranch, it has always been tradition to participate in all international shows and competitions. The title of the Miller Ranch horses are evidence of beauty, excellent exterior, outstanding courses, versatility, and special character.

Most important Shows & Celebrations in the US and Europe

  • USA
  • Show & Celebration
  • World Championship of the Missouri Fox Trotter in Model-Performance-and Versatility Classes. Winner becomes World Grand Champion in each division.
  • Futurity
  • First Show of the 3-year old in 2- Gait Classes.
  • Breeders Cup
  • Presentation of yearlings+ in Model Classes and the 2- year old in 2-Gait Classes
  • Mid America Show
  • The Two Year Old Futurity - the second largest show beside the Show & Celebration. Presentation of the 2-year old in 2-Gait Classes.
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  • Europe
  • High Point Championchip
  • Model-Performance and Versatility Classes. High Point winner becomes the “Champion of Champions”
  • Distanz Meisterschaft
  • In cooperation with the VDD – 25 miles track.
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Missouri Foxtrotter Show-Videos

MFTHBA Shows 01 MFTHBA Shows 02 AVA World Championchip AVA World Championchip

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