Arizona - a State of multiple Contrast

The Trails in Arizona

They often have a historic background. One is using the old Indian Trails such as the Trail Highline 101, which was used by the Apache to stop the mail coaches in the valley or on the Mongollon Rim used for surprise attacks on the Army. There are trails from the times of the gold diggers and trails of the first Cowboys. Whilst riding through the Canyon de Chelly in the Navajo Reservation an Indian Scout will guide you. Some trails are also used by wild life to get to their water springs. Other trails lead to Ghost towns or old mining places, which have been discovered again by newly arrived “diggers”. The trails are leading through wide-open countryside, wilderness, through ranch territory, through deep forest, along riverbeds, lakes and hills, through Saguaro Cacti Desert. Wherever you go the beauty of the country is overwhelming. Many trails are hardly used any more; some have not seen human beings for months. We select the trails according to the time of the year, the weather and experience of the group.

The Weather

Clear air and 320 days of sunshine each year make Arizona the ideal country for leisure. Caused by the difference in elevation there is not only one climate in Arizona, depending on the time of the year, you can swim in the sun-soaked pool in Phoenix and after app. 2 hours drive by car, you can go skiing in the mountains of Flagstaff or the White Mountains. If it becomes too hot in the Valley during the summer months, from June to August the temperature is over 100 F, the mountains give you relieve with 15 to 25 F cooler temperatures.

Fauna and Flora

The Flora and Animal World is multifarious and cannot be seen anywhere else. Beautiful and colorfull Cacti are growing in many variations. Unique in the world is the Saguaro as well as the “jumping Cholla”, whose branches are simply jumping off.
In endless needle forests you find deer, elk, havalina, mountain lion, black bear, lynx, skunks, turkey, hummingbirds and much more. All around is the curious Coyote. Next to eagles, hawks, awls, cravens you can see the roadrunner, which can run on ground with a speed of 24 miles.
Seldom you will see the Gila monster, which is one of the two venomous lizards on earth. A bigger chance you have, to meet the rattlesnake, which is treated as a delicatessen by the Cowboys and Indians. A rattlesnake or Gila monster bites very rarely; you must be very careless to be attacked by these venomous animals.