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Miller-Ranch Trails
The Miller-Ranch is organizing trails just to promote the breed of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horses, to the most beautiful and exciting places in Arizona and Utah. There are no better places, where you can experience and appreciate the advantages of this breed.

Do you know this breed already?
Are you interested to get to know these horses before you decide to buy one?
Here you have the chance to learn everything about these horses life on a trail.

The Miller-Ranch yearly offers 3-4 promotional trails with Missouri Foxtrotters. The Miller-Ranch is not a Dude Ranch.

You will ride with excellent horses, raised and trained by us, almost just horses from our breeding program, sometimes there is also one or more World Champions in the group.

The groups are limited to 6 participants. You should be an experienced rider. However before we start, you choose your horse among the Miller-Ranch FoxtrottersYou will get an instruction in the roundpen and in the arena and you can try your horse on a home trail around the ranch. Than off we go to our first trail head: Horses will be loaded, the Chuckwagon is ready, fully equipped with supplies.

Where do you wish to go foxtrotting?

In these areas the Missouri Fox Trotter is showing and proving his talents and virtues and you will enjoy the fantastic nature, riding either in a flat foot walk with style and carriage, that will cover miles of trail with a ride that will bring a smile to your face or you go in a foxtrot with it´s distinctive rhythm, a sound that´s music to your ears or you like a nice and smooth gallop, unforgettable for every rider or photographer.

Later after sunset, after a refreshing shower, you review those hours, having a juicy steak, hot from the grill, and you discuss your impressions of the day with others at the open fire. ??So far away from the rest of the world and under the stars, you will relax and are transferred into another world – long time gone.

You have just one life– why wouldn´t you like to fulfill such a dream once in your life?

When the world has you back again and you would like to remember the wonderful days, you can enjoy yourself with the promotion trail DVDs from Miller-Ranch, a revival of wonderful memories, the adventures, the horses and the participants.

If you have found the right horse  for you at the end of the trip, you will be very sure that this is the horse  which fits you perfectly, a horse you can trust- a new friend for more wonderful rides in the future.

Up-Coming Trail Rides

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Could that be your next trail horse?

Missouri Foxtrotter
8 years
15 hands
85262 Scottsdale


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