The Miller-Ranch

Miller-Ranch Training
At the Miller-Ranch all horses get an extensive and versatile training based on their natural talents, by a special training method, developed by Miller-Ranch. Horse lovers are waiting already for  horses, trained by the Miller-Ranch Standard, recorded always by a video, published in the Internet and on dvds. The Miller-Ranch Standard - A Seal for Excellence.


The most modern Round pen and Hot Walker in the Southwest of the US.



Round Pen

The Miller-Ranch Round pen, is a special construction of a Free-Walker from Röwer & Rüb. It is unique because of its computerized Horse Trainer, its pre-programmed computer technology and has become a most valuable training tool, to keep the horses in condition.

Young Horses get here their basic training, become flexible and are learning how to move correctly forward, backward and sideways.

Adult Horses, starting at 3 years, are conditioned here daily between 45 and 90 minutes, performing the proper gaits, flat foot walk, foxtrot and canter. They cover around 180 miles per month.

Undesired gaits are eliminated by a natural training method, developed by Miller-Ranch.


The exclusive Training Package for the Missouri Fox Trotter



Driving improves the muscular strength and condition and stabilizes the gaits.


Pack trail

On a Pack trail the Missouri Fox Trotting horse learns how to carry weight, keeping proper distance to all obstacles, while moving sure footed and with circumspection at the same time.


The Trail

On a "One Week Trail" – following the Miller-Ranch slogan .„ The Show Ring is the Trail“. the Missouri Fox Trotting horses learn to handle obstacles, getting along with the rider and other horses of the group. The perseverance is improved, when they are moving with sure-footedness and strong nerves.

The centre training with the special, exclusive video service


The  Show Training is a very special program for the most talented Missouri Fox Trotting horses with show potential, showing extraordinary conformation, nature gaits, long strides, rhythm and charisma. Here we have the best of the best, trained smoothly, continuously and as natural as possible. Watch the results- several World Grand Champions + World Champions, European High Point Champions.

On special request the Miller- Ranch offers Ranch Work Training, working cattle. Skill and perseverance are trained and it shows the cow sense, which still exists and is ready to call for in many Missouri Fox Trotters.

Training Videos available from our horses for sale, allow you watching the Miller-Ranch training standards at home from the couch.

You can watch all the Training Features and the results. You will see, at the end of the training all horses are ridden bridleless in their desired gaits, in the arena, in the roundpen and outside in the desert, just by shifting weight, jumping over obstacles- also the kind of desensitizing they are trained with. Please watch, that all horses are not ridden by Professionals but by our trainees, because we want that our customers get along with the horses with no problems.


HORSEMANAGER.COM – all information about your horse

Miller-Ranch offers an unique, special service to all customers, the Ranch management under

Everyone who has his horse for training at Miller- Ranch, gets a username and a password and can follow up from home the training units and the improvement in training, so he is always up to date.