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April 10, 2021

From Alaska to the Miller- Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona – and back.

From Alaska to the Miller- Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona – and back.

Sheri lives in Alaska. She wanted to fulfill a childhood wish of owning her own horse. For a long time she had been following the videos on the Miller- Ranch website. Her desire became a firm plan to own such a Missouri Fox Trotter….

From South Alaska across the North, through Canada then back across the border into the USA- a very, very long trip. Sheri is working in a leading position in road construction in Alaska the whole summer. Careful planning, with appropriate execution are a part of her life.

She had planned a little over a week for the long trip from Alaska to Arizona. Since she was firmly convinced, that she would find a suitable horse at the Miller- Ranch, she had a special trailer made for this trip. A trailer that would provide all the comforts for the horses. Her truck got a small, but purposefully equipped living attachment.

Already last summer Sheri contacted the Miller-Ranch about buying a horse and that she would also like to receive training for this breed.

A large number of trainees have already been trained at the Miller- Ranch. Mostly young girls who have come from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Sheri arrived at the Miller- Ranch in the beginning of December and started her apprenticeship as a trainee.

This includes training, i.e. starting riding of young horses. There were a total of five 2-year-old Missouri Fox Trotters on the schedule, which were started with the First Step, as this level of training is called at the Miller- Ranch for the first time in the Roundpen. There are a total of nine lessons, in which it is primarily, about understanding, respect and trust. Finally, the saddle is put on. The rider, always a very light person, gets on and rides the horse with a halter for 15-20 minutes.

The first horse Sheri trained, using this method, with coaching of course, was the two-year-old mare “Legend Outlaw’s Rosebud M.R.” It took about 3 hours, and Sheri got in the saddle and comfortably rode her a little bit in the round pen.

That’s how Sheri fell in love with this mare, and Rosebud has now started her journey to Alaska.’ The two-year-old gelding “Caesar M.R.”, who was also ridden by Sheri in the First Step, is traveling as a companion with her.

Sheri’s plan is to make the trip back to the Miller- Ranch with both horses in early December to start her riding training, which will surely be finished with a video.