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February 22, 2024

King’s Don Carlos M.R. Colt born 2-2024 two weeks old

Kings Don Carlos, the latest addition to the Missouri Fox Trotter herd at Miller Ranch, embodies an exceptional combination of genetic excellence and promising potential, born on February 2, 2024, as the second foal of the year.

His arrival not only marks a significant milestone for the ranch but also the beginning of a promising career that could set new standards in both breeding and competition for the Missouri Fox Trotter.

His mother, the 15-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter mare Arizona Outlaws Kachina, is highly regarded in the breeding community. With Kings Don Carlos, she brought her first foal into the world, the result of a carefully planned pairing aimed at uniting the best traits of both parents. Known for her versatility and excellence on the trail, Arizona Outlaws Kachina has proven her abilities with numerous victories in western classes. Her successes in trail disciplines, underscored by several blue ribbons, speak to her exceptional skills and dedication, which she can now pass on to her offspring.

The genetic lineage of Kings Don Carlos is impressive and reflects Miller Ranch’s breeding efforts to produce top-quality Missouri Fox Trotter horses. His maternal grandmother, Eliminators Go Girl, is one of the leading Missouri Fox Trotter broodmares of the ranch with an impressive show career that includes many blue ribbons. Her ability to produce top-quality offspring, including four World Champions, has significantly advanced the ranch in the breeding field.

The father of Kings Don Carlos, Nabucco’s King of the Road, also represents the breeding goals of Miller Ranch: excellence, performance, and character. As a Missouri Fox Trotter breeding stallion, he distinguished himself with his victory in the International Virtual Missouri Fox Trotter Competition 2023 in the 2 Gait Performance Open. This award not only confirms his breed-typical gaits but also his potential to produce high-quality offspring.

Kings Don Carlos himself already exhibits a friendly, vivacious, and fearless nature at a young age. These traits, combined with the calm and composed demeanor he inherited from his grandfather, make him an ideal candidate for future competitions and a trustworthy family horse. His genetic lineage and engaging personality promise a bright future in the Missouri Fox Trotter show ring and on the trails.

The significance of Kings Don Carlos for Miller Ranch cannot be overstated. He represents the next generation of elite horses capable of achieving success not only on a national but also on an international level. His lineage, combined with his potential and character, positions him as a key figure in the future of Missouri Fox Trotter breeding.

The investment in such outstanding breeding programs, as exemplified by Kings Don Carlos, demonstrates Miller Ranch’s commitment and passion for preserving and promoting the Missouri Fox Trotter breed. It is a long-term vision that not only enhances the quality of horses on the ranch but also contributes valuable to the entire Missouri Fox Trotter horse breeding community.

In the coming years, Kings Don Carlos is expected to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors. In gait competitions for Missouri Fox Trotters, his exterior suggests he will deliver remarkable performances.

Now, he has time to develop within the herd. At 3 years old, he will take his first steps under a rider to show whether he can meet expectations.