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June 13, 2021

Miller-Ranch Offspring 2021

What do a horse trainer and a sculptor have in common?

If a sculptor wants to build a good marble sculpture, he needs a piece of marble, that has no defects and can be handled well.

If a horse trainer wants to trains a horse, it should be without faults and have the genetic prerequisites, so that in the period of rearing, in the imprinting phase, the optimal conditions are existent. Thus, the dam is particularly important for the rearing phase. It is with her, that the foal takes its first steps into the world. From her, the foal learns how to move and protect itself in the world.

At the Miller-Ranch all brood mares have been fully trained like any trail horse. This makes later training much easier and the time required is less.
Of the three factors:

  1. genetic predisposition
  2. imprinting phase
  3. training – factor 1 is the strongest, followed by factor 2.

Just as a sculptor can only cover up brittle marble, a trainer can only cover up flaws in horses from factors 1 + 2. These kind of fractures/defects can never be eliminated. They will be visible, sooner or later.