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April 21, 2021

Missouri Foxtrotter “Legend Outlaw’s Armani M.R.” leaving to Washington St.

Again, a Missouri Fox Trotter “Legend Outlaw’s Armani M.R.” will leave the Miller-Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona. He is traveling to his new, happy owner Mickie Hattrup in Washington St.

Armani, a 5-year-old gelding, born at Miller-Ranch and trained as a Miller-Ranch trail horse. Armani shows what that involves in his video. The video is a documentation of the Standard of Training of a trail horse at Miller-Ranch.

Mickie has made the most of her days at Miller-Ranch, and rides her Missouri Fox Trotter “Armani”, without using the reins, over some obstacles at the Playgrounds. Mickie has found her companion for the trails in Washington. Goodbye Armani everyone loved you because of your great disposition.