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May 22, 2021

The first foal in 2021 at the Miller Ranch

The breeding results of the 2020 breeding can now be watched on >offspring<. On April 30, 2021 the son of Arizona’s Outlaw M.R. and Frank’s Suekey was born. Arizona Outlaw’s Bugatti M.R. is his name. He is a full brother to Arizona Outlaw’s McLaren M.R. and Arizona Outlaw’s Ferrari M.R.

Bugatti presents himself like his brothers, elegant, athletically built, very curious and bold with the genetically anchored gaits that is a prerequisite in a Missouri Fox Trotter. The breeding stock of the Miller-Ranch is free of genetic defects, proven by the Breeding Suitability Test (ZTU). Be curious about the next foals, which will be born in the next weeks.