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May 23, 2024

Velvet Leonard’s Don Juan M.R.

New Beginning After a Sad Loss at Miller Ranch
Everything has a beginning and an end. On April 11, a beautiful Missouri Foxtrotter named Velvet Leonard’s Don Juan M.R. was born at Miller Ranch. The father of this magnificent foal is Velvet’s Leonard, better known as Tyson. Tyson, owned by Simone Guenther from Scottsdale, Arizona, has sired many outstanding offspring for Miller Ranch. Among his famous offspring are the Missouri Foxtrotter mares Leonard’s Amazone M.R., Leonard’s Cuba Libre M.R., and Jumping Lady M.R., all of whom bring great joy to their owners.

Unfortunately, the joy of Don Juan’s birth was overshadowed by a tragic event. Three days after his birth, his mother, the mare Arizona Outlaw’s Estrella M.R., passed away. It is incredibly sad to lose the mother so young. However, life goes on, and the challenges of everyday life must be faced.

Caring for Don Juan was a significant task, especially in the first three weeks when he needed milk every two hours around the clock. Thanks to the dedicated care at Miller Ranch, Don Juan received all the necessary nutrients and care he needed.

A small ray of hope in this difficult time is the friendship Don Juan has formed with Arizona Outlaw’s Don Jose, a foal that is only a week older than he is. This friendship will help both foals grow strong and healthy together.