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July 28, 2021

Velvet,s Nabucco M.R. Missouri Foxtrotter Stallion is versatile

Missouri Fox Trotters are known for their versatility. Horses, that were used for work on ranches and farms and some are still worked there today. Today they are still used for carriage driving by the Amish.

Thus, the Miller-Ranch follows this tradition, versatility, in its training. The goal of the basic training for all Missouri Fox Trotters at the Miller-Ranch is to train them to be safe trail horses, which will bring their riders to their destination with surefootedness and reliability in the most difficult terrain. This also includes carrying loads in the wilderness as a pack horse.

Further training includes working with cows and driving a carriage.

Although the goal in training a Missouri Fox Trotter is not to train him perfectly for the Spanish discipline of “Working Equitation”, it serves to refine the rideability.

Variety and gymnastics in training are conducive and essential for maintaining the performance and health of the horse.