a beautiful facility in scottsdale, arizona

our facility in scottsdale, arizona

20 Acre Horse Ranch

Miller-Ranch, is a twenty acre ranch in rural North Scottsdale dedicated to breeding and training the best Missouri Fox Trotter. There are exceptional trails accessible directly from the ranch which lead through the Sonoran Desert, over mountainous land, and through cactus scenery. Not far from the ranch, a wash leads directly down to the Verde River where guests will enjoy riding through creeks and along paths that lead directly to Lake Saguaro. 95% of the time you will enjoy the bluest sky and lots of sunshine.

multipurpose arena

Training & Education

The large multipurpose arena is also very practical, with solar panels mounted on its roof that provide power generation to the entire ranch. The arena is equipped with large side mirrors so the rider can watch and judge himself and his horse while riding. A large pen is attached to the east side of the arena where cattle can be kept, when needed for training cutting and sorting.

The Arena is used for various purposes, such as:

Gait Training

Horsemanship Leadership

Western Riding Training

Riding Lessons

Seminars & Workshops

Ranch Cutting - Sorting

Other Events

a one-of-a-kind roundpen

Covered RoundPen

The RoundPen was developed and built by Röwer & Rüb in Germany. When the Miller-Ranch bought this RoundPen in 2000, it was the first of its kind. The two-layer roof provides better ventilation, ideal for hot regions like Arizona.

The special roof construction was designed by an architect from Nepal. In the hot summer, when the sun burns on the roof, a strong suction is generated which pulls the heated air upwards and cools the air in the round pen.

The inner area has a diameter of 18 meters / 59 feet. This area makes an ideal space for training young horses on the ground as well as under saddle.

In the encircling running area, 6 horses can be positioned for fitness training. The horses run freely, and are separated by flexible suspended grids.

The speeds can be adjusted in time as well as in speed so the horses can be moved from a very slow gait to a gallop. With 3 time zones available, it is possible to create a program that can be adapted to train various groups of horses. The running directions can be set with predetermined time changes.

All riding horses and horses in training programs run daily for 6 days a week in this freestyle facility and cover an average of 200 km / 124.27 miles each month.

In addition to pure fitness training, this facility is also suitable for consolidating the desired gaits of Missouri Fox Trotters and any other breed. Here, unwanted gait mutations can be corrected without great manpower by adjusting the speed and track accordingly.

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RoundPen I

It has a diameter of 15 meters / 49.2 feet in site and is particularly well suited for ground-work required to begin training with young horses taking their first step.

RoundPen II

Round Pen III has a diameter of 50 meters / 164 feet and is designed for training under saddle. The ground is relatively hard, does not need to be watered and remains dust-free. This Round Pen is ideal for training Missouri Fox Trotters. Here the desired gaits like Flat Foot Walk and Foxtrot can be optimized.

Playground I

Here is the basic for all foals in their first 5-6 days after birth. Each foal, born at Miller- Ranch is walking through this playground together with its dam. It is here, where the foundation for the later training is built. All broodmares of the Miller- Ranch have the genetic foundation and the adequate training as safe trail - and show horses.

Playground II

The Playground II is used in the further training as a concentrating exercise for the horse. The obstacles are somewhat reduced, compared to the challenges the horses will encounter later on the trails in Arizona. For a reliable trail horse, surefootedness and the necessary ability to concentrate is important for both horse and rider.

An ideal training ground surrounds the Miller-Ranch

  • An infinite free natural environment surrounds Miller-Ranch
  • The Tonto National Forest
  • The Arizona nature reserve (BLM Land) – direct across from Miller-Ranch
  • The Verde River – close by

This is a “dream area” for all horses and riders.

Horse keeping areas at Miller-Ranch

  • 8 pastures, large turn-out areas, where horses live as a herd. The horses are separated by type, breeding mares, young horses, mares and geldings. Stallions have individual paddocks.
  • 9 paddocks, oversized and covered, good for groups of 2-3 horses
  • 4 stallion paddocks, spacious and covered
  • 3 large stalls with outside paddocks for the mares to foal
  • Quarantine pasture approved by the USDA.

(When overseas transportation is required, a horse is quarantined for 4 weeks prior to shipment. The Miller-Ranch can quarantine up to 3 horses at a given time)

Other Facilities

  • A medical room for horse care
  • Two wash stations with 8 wash places for horse beauty care
  •  Covered space for horse shoeing
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Miller-Ranch has guest accommodations available
Guesthouse and Apartments.

option 1

5 Double Bedroom Guesthouse

For guests there is a very cozy and comfortable guesthouse which features 5 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large living room with large dining and breakfast area, TV, Wifi, seating area, and a spacious kitchen for the cooking enthusiast. A surrounding patio with seating invites you to relax and watch the horses on the ranch as well as some spectacular sunsets and sunrise.

option 2

A One Bedroom Apartment

This apartment option has one bedroom, a living area, WiFi, TV, kitchenette and a large bathroom with shower.

option 3

A  2nd Guesthouse

A guest house with one bedroom / 2 single beds, large living room and kitchen, bathroom with shower, a closet and a private small terrace. WiFi and TV.


Care, knowledge and preparation

Before you begin a ride, and depending upon your riding skills, you will be matched to a Miller-Ranch Fox Trotter. You will be briefed on some riding techniques in both the Round Pen and the Arena. An initial introductory “test” ride into the Sonoran Desert will follow.


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