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At Miller-Ranch, we encourage …“Trail Before You Buy” The Miller-Ranch concept, “Trail before you Buy” offers you the opportunity to explore riding with your choice of a Missouri Fox Trotter before you commit to making a purchase. This is an incomparable opportunity to ride your dream horse in multiple conditions and circumstances such as:

  • The indoor arena
  • The Round Pen, in the covered arena
  • Casual Riding around the ranch
  • On the training courses at Miller-Ranch
  • On a trail ride in the Sonoran Desert

After you have ridden as a “horse and rider team” you will feel and know if your chemistry and connection has been made with your choice of Missouri Fox Trotter.

options to purchase

The Next Step is to Purchase your Missouri Fox Trotter

Satisfied and happy owners of Miller-Ranch Missouri Fox Trotters have, in the past used one of 3 options to purchase their horse.

Option 1

When you purchase a Missouri Fox Trotter that has been bred and raised by Miller-Ranch, and trained as a trail and pleasure horse, validation of the horses training is provided. Miller-Ranch provides you with a video that shows the training process.

Option 2

Some customers choose a young horse from The Miller-Ranch breed and make a fixed price sales agreement with Miller-Ranch. They initially only pay a deposit. The balance of the agreed purchase price is due at the end of the training period, with video documentation provided. There are no other costs or fees to the buyer.

Option 3

Very rarely do customers buy a young untrained horse, which they choose to train themselves.

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1. All customers who buy a trained horse from Miller-Ranch are offered an additional week of free instruction at Miller-Ranch. This instruction will help the customer to understand and maintain the initial standard training procedure.

2. There are also customers who have purchased a Miller-Ranch Missouri Fox Trotter with the standard training but find that their interest develops into entering shows and tournaments. Miller-Ranch can further provide special training requests and get a horse prepared for showing. Arrangements can be made to leave your horse, or ship your horse to Miller-Ranch to work on Gaits, Show Canter or further required show training.


Your Missouri Fox Trotter Horse’s “Resume”

At the time of purchase, a complete history of your horse will be provided. The Miller-Ranch management works with and is connected to The entire history of your horse is recorded with Horsemanager. You will receive all information about the saddle choice, bits, vaccinations, worming, shoeing, type of shoes with optimal angles, training, trails accomplished and all medical treatments. Miller-Ranch will provide you with a username and password to Horsemanager so that you can proceed with data maintenance immediately after your horse has arrived at his new home.

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Transportation within the USA

If transportation is required, Miller-Ranch will partner with you to successfully transport your horse from A to B. If transportation is required for long distance within the USA, Miller-Ranch operates with a cost-effective reliable horse-transportation company. You are not left alone to handle this task.

Transportation to Europe

There are rules and regulations to follow before a horse can be transported to Europe. Quarantine is required, and Miller-Ranch has its own Quarantine Pasture where a horse spends the required four weeks in a peaceful familiar environment. All accompanying paper work and reviews, such as vaccinations and vet checks, are prepared by Miller-Ranch. The horse-transportation to the requested European destination is carried out by a specialized German company “Pegasus Pferdetransporte”. They provide spacious horse containers so you can be assured that your horse will arrive safely, stress-free and in good shape.

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