January 30, 2021

Spanish weeks at Miller-Ranch

4 Spanish weeks at the Miller- Ranch are now finished on 31st of January 2021. Now the Foxtrot is back.  "Sultan", a Pura Raza Española stallion, 4 years old, has been at the Miller- Ranch for one month, to learn, that it is not he who decides, but his handler, the rider, who sets what will

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January 23, 2021

Leadership Training Results with “Skye”

Skye is supposed to be a Missouri Fox Trotter, she is not registered. Also, what distinguishes a top Missouri Fox Trotter, the gait disposition to Fox Trot and Flat foot Walk is somewhat underdeveloped. If you are not familiar with gaits of the MFT, you will not miss it that much. There are also horses in

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January 14, 2021

Mr. Millers News January 2021

Foxtrotter Friends and Friends of the Miller-Ranch. How do you like the new homepage of the Miller-Ranch, made for you dear friends? This page is made to inform you, to answer all your questions about the breed and you should also just have fun to browse a bit. Especially today, when the word Lockdown is understood

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