Trail Riding

promotional rides in arizona and utah

Trail Riding
arizona and utah

Promotional Trail Rides

The Miller-Ranch offers Special Promotional Trail Rides in Arizona and Utah for all lovers of the Missouri Fox Trotter breed, and those who are interested in knowing more about this special breed. Participating in one of Miller-Ranch’s Promotional Rides provides the perfect opportunity to get to know the breed’s advantages and vast capabilities while riding these well-trained Missouri Fox Trotters in unforgettable terrain…. A perfect match.

Q. Have you already heard about this breed?
Q. Are you interested in the Missouri Fox Trotter breed and would like to know more about them?

We would advise you to get to know these horses and learn about their special capabilities, then “Trail Before You Buy” Horse Lovers have varying types of interest in special breeds, and Miller-Ranch is happy to introduce you to the Missouri Fox Trotter breed. Guests who are simply curious about the breed visit Miller-Ranch to learn more and try out the horses on a trail. Regardless of your particular interest, there is No Obligation to Buy.

We offer trail riding in the magnificent mountains in Arizona and Utah. The Miller-Ranch offers up to two Special Promotional Trail Rides with their well-trained Missouri Fox Trotters each year. This is the best opportunity to get to know these horses in their element.

Note: Miller-Ranch is not a Dude-Ranch.

The Miller-Ranch trail rides are only focused on promoting the breed and offer only its well-trained horses for these rides.

  • Participants are expected to have good riding experience
  • The groups are limited from 2 to 6 guests.
  • The horses for the trails are the offspring of
  • Miller-Ranch breeding stock
  • Horses for sale are from its breeding stock.
  • World Grand Champions, World Champions and between 1 to 4 well trained stallions are usually included in these trail rides
Custom Ride
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Where else would you like to Fox Trot?

  • In the Red Rocks of Sedona – the Secret Canyon Trail?
  • In the Indian Reservation – on the Monument Valley-Navajo Trail?
  • In the Grand Canyon – on the trail from the North Rim to the South Rim?
  • How about a pack trail – along the Verde River?
  • Or another destination of your choice.
get to know the gaits

Want a Custom Ride?

We offer an opportunity for individuals or a small group to make a personal arrangement for a specific trail ride in the desert to learn about the breed. This ride will allow you time to get to know the various Missouri Fox Trotter gaits.

options to purchase

Vacation at the Miller-Ranch

1. Choose to vacation at Miller-Ranch and make day trips into the beautiful Sonoran Desert or choose to trail ride to the Verde River or the National Forest.

2. Choose to Fox Trot on an adventurous multi-day trail ride.

Trail Videos
Miller Ranch



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Flagstaff to Havasupai with Missouri Fox Trotters A horseback tour of the Miller-Ranch with Missouri Fox Trotter via Flagstaff, ...


Arizona Trail Ride- Verde River to Monument Valley A trail ride of the Miller Ranch with Missouri Fox Trots in ...

Now you are ready to FOX TROT, you choose where!

For those groups who choose a multi-day ride, Miller-Ranch loads the horses into trailers, prepares the Chuck Wagon that is packed full of supplies, hot /cold water and a shower…we’re ready to go.

Wherever you choose to ride, the Missouri Fox Trotters will quickly show you what they can do. Expect to discover the Flat Foot Walk, Fox Trot and Gallop all while enjoying the fantastic nature of Arizona or Utah. You can be assured, the Missouri Fox Trotters will provide you an unforgettable experience and a dream come true for every rider and photographer.

Back at camp, after we take care of the horses, you can look forward to a refreshing shower, then pick up the aroma of a thick juicy steak cooking on the grill. In the evening after dinner we get together to relax around the campfire and exchange our adventure experiences from the day’s ride, and then take time to pause and reflect that you are under a huge star tent where you can allow your soul to dangle far away from the world you know, to explore thoughts of another star spangled unknown world beyond.

You only live once – and once you should fulfill this dream… Lothar Rowe

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When your special trip is over and you once again return to your everyday life routines, you can re-live your spectacular event with videos that Miller-Ranch created during the ride with all trail participants. If you find that a Missouri Fox Trotter is the four-legged companion you are looking for, allow us to guide you through purchasing a good horse with all of the right credentials. If You haven’t fulfilled your dream with a Missouri Fox Trotter yet, there’s no problem either, but now you know where to find him…. The Miller-Ranch.

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