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January 15, 2024

Legend Outlaw´s Cleopatra M.R -Leadership

The Miller Ranch in Arizona has been breeding Missouri Fox Trotters for over 30 years.
This horse breed has its origins in southern Missouri, in the Ozarks. This breed is very popular in Arizona as it is particularly sure-footed, comfortable and, above all, powerful and enduring. Even the Forest Service in Arizona has opted for this horse breed, especially the rangers who use Missouri Fox Trotters for their work in the National Forest, in the mountainous landscape.

In 2003, 10 Missouri Fox Trotters from the Miller Ranch crossed the Grand Canyon from north to south. It was the first time horses had ridden down the south slope of the Grand Canyon. Previously, these tours in the Grand Canyon had been the domain of mules.

A special young horse at the Miller Ranch is “Legend Outlaw’s Cleopatra M.R,”. This mare is now two years old, and her basic training with the First Step and Leadership has begun.

The mare shows herself excellently and is characterized by a friendly character. She is smart, calm and not skittish.
Horses are flight animals, and the flight instinct is genetically anchored.
In our civilized world, this flight instinct is not conducive to horses being used in a variety of tasks. It is impossible to accustom horses to anything that raises their blood pressure and triggers their flight instinct.
At Miller Ranch, we have opted for leadership in training. In the wild, a lead mare leads the herd and decides whether to search for food in peace or to activate the flight instinct. The lead horse is always an experienced and confident mare. She has the confidence and instinct to decide what is dangerous and what can be ignored.

There are horse breeds that have grown up in the desert, such as the Arabian, that can immediately flee in any direction at the slightest danger. On the other hand, there are horse breeds such as the Missouri Fox Trotter, which have grown up in mountainous areas and first have to check which escape route they can safely take.
Desensitization at the Miller Ranch takes place naturally. Similar to nature, where the lead mare provides safety, in this case the handler or rider takes on this role. The horses must learn to remain calm in various situations and to trust the handler’s judgment.
Nowadays, horses are no longer needed for warfare and much of the training from that time has been lost.

Legend Outlaw’s Cleopatra M.R., when fully trained, will certainly have no problems in the future watching the action calmly at New Year’s Eve parties or other events with fireworks while continuing to eat her grass.