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October 3, 2021

Saddle fitting

Gwen and Legend Outlaw`s Armani M.R. have sought and found each other.  Especially the saddle has to fit the horse, so that it doesn`t pinch anywhere. For every horse a fitting saddle is important. With a Missouri Fox Trotter, even a small pressure point of more than 4 (N-cm) that constantly pinches a spot on the back can cause the Fox Trot or Walk to no longer be shown correctly.

A short-term pressure can already be up to 8 N-cm which can occur when riding in motion is unproblematic. A permanent pressure point of more than 4 (N-cm) hinders the horse in movement, often leads to a hematoma. These pressure points also cause the white spots in the horse’s coat. These for the horse unpleasant pressure points also very often leads to bucking.

At Miller Ranch we have a saddle measuring device to measure the correct fit of a saddle. On average, in a measurement time of 1 minute, there should be no red areas on the screen. Everything that is above (N-cm) is shown in red. Everything that is below has the color green.

Armani can now dance the foxtrot with his new saddle and his happy rider Gwen.